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TSK Aesthetic Training Courses

  • Training by elite experts
  • Personal one-on-one guidance
  • Hands-on training
  • Small groups

TSK Aesthetic Training offers you a unique opportunity to attend a series of highly specialised masterclasses delivered by multi award winning tutors and key opinion leaders. In these aesthetic training courses trainers will share through one-on-one guidance and detailed hands-on lessons, personal techniques and advanced tips & tricks. TSK aesthetic training will enhance your skills and elevate your practise to the next level.

Aesthetic Training Course Summary

TSK Anatomy Cadaver Course

A highly specialised expert facial anatomy teaching, led by qualified anatomist and Consultant plastic Surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah. This multi-award winning teaching is divided into 2 sessions; the morning encompasses lecures and discussion on the current anatomical literature and developments relating to all aspects of facial anatomy most pertinent to the non-surgical clinician.

The afternoon session explores in detail the upper face (including the tear trough and peri ocular anatomy), the lower face and neck. Delegates will then spend the afternoon in a practical hands-on dissection, exploring in detail the anatomy of the full face. Unembalmed tissue is used to expose each anatomical area and Mr Humzah will discuss technical considerations when treating using non-surgical devices; (blunt cannulae and needle) in relation to the anatomy.

  • Understanding of anatomy in relation to the skin, fat (pads), and relevant structure (nerves and vessels)
  • Use of pharmaceutical products (and their uses) in relation to the underlaying facial anatomy
  • Use of injection techniques in relation to pharmaceutical products and the underlaying facial anatomy
  • Use of TSK products and procedures in relation to different injection techniques

You will be able to make a better assessment of strategies to rejuvenate the skin by relating anatomy to product use, injection techniques and choice of instruments. By following a hands-on injection session by a live dissection, you will get a deeper insight and understanding of the effect of injection strategies.

TSK Cannula Course

Our half day beginner cannula masterclass is a bespoke and specialised practical session, tailored to the safe use of blunt cannula for dermal filler placement. Concepts of cannula design, indications & recommended sizes in relation to anatomical areas are explored. This teaching will explore techniques to analyse and treat the lip (body & vermillion border), lateral mid-face and naso-labial and marionette regions with a firm emphasis on facial anatomy.

  • Practical knowledge and advantages of cannula use
  • When to use: Different cannula approaches / Cannula vs needle
  • How to use cannula: Different cannula techniques
  • Aesthetic and clinical safety

Delegates will obtain a practical knowledge of the advantages of the use of Steriglide cannulas. Both from an aesthetic and clinical perspective in terms of safety. An increased awareness of analysis of different cannula approaches and techniques in relation to anatomical regions of the face.

You benefit from a structured and detailed approach exploring concepts of facial anatomy as well as expert knowledge and experience of a wealth of products and treatment options. Learning is facilitated through demonstration and practical approaches with close supervision and support from faculty.

Areas to be covered:

  • Forehead with Filler
  • Temple
  • Glabellar & Brow with Filler
  • Tear trough
  • Lecture on cannulas in aesthetic use
  • Injection demonstration by tutors
  • Hands-on injection on model supervised by tutors
  • Recap, questions and answers

The program will cover half a day.

  • Max 5 delegates
  • 2 tutors

The TSK cannula course has a maximum group size of 5 delegates. The training will be supervised by two tutors. The small group size with double supervision ensures a safe learning environment and guaranteed sufficient one-to-one personal guidance.

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